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Evil:101 published! It has been a long journey, but we here at Tombs Foundry can now declare that we have published a game. Though not exactly what we had envisioned, Evil:101 is now out on Tabletopia as a digital tabletop board game for everyone to play. We have decided to release the game for free on their platform to let people be able to experience it for themselves. All you have to do to play, is to open a browser, make a free account on to set up a session, and your friends. Try it out at: Streaming While working on the final illustrations of Evil:101, we also started streaming some of our graphical design work on Twitch. There we have been showing off Gard’s skills behind a tablet, while also talking to the fantastic people who have showed up for these streams. We are hoping to keep…

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It has been a few weeks since we came home from Essen, and we have somewhat calmed down and managed to process our experiences.

Time for a little travel blog.

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If you are attending Spielmesse Essen this October, you might want to drop by booth #3J111. We will be hanging out presenting our coming game Evil:101, along with the Heroes of the Sealening game. We will also be available to chat and maybe even play some games with you guys.

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Then we have some good news for you. We are soon posting our first Kickstarter here live and alive. What game is this I hear you ask. Why it is the one and only Evil:101.

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When the Plague hit, we locked our Development Ogres up in their Development Cave. There’s something about dark, humid, fungus ridden lairs that gets their creative juices flowing. Now, after having made huge progress (we’ll never publicly admit to it being their work), we finally let them out, so they can take a stab at becoming Business Goblins. – Gods help us all! Like we said earlier, we decided to go into development when Covid struck and turned the world upside down. We have been spending the last months implementing some of the changes you guys suggested in our focus-group tests for Heroes of the Sealening. Now we believe we have gotten an even better game out of it. We have radically changed the flow of the game. In doing so, we have reduced the waiting time between turns significantly. All while keeping the unique vibe that you already know.…

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Welcome to our new site. Until now, we’ve had more of a beta/placeholder site, with a minimum of information (“Coming soon” with a hint of our game Heroes of the Sealening (click that link for more information, by the way), and just information about who we are) and not much else. Now, we have the tools in place to give you all more insight in what we do. So far, we only have information about the Tombs Foundry company and the Heroes of the Sealening game on this site. But we have several more games in the works, so expect more to come! Subscribe! To the left, in the middle of the page, is a red “Subscribe!” button. Please use this and subscribe to our newsletter! Through the newsletter, you will get information on events and convensions we attend, along with progress on our game(s). To see previously released newsletters,…

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