Heroes of the Sealening is modular Norsepunk RPG Adventure Boardgame for three to four players, with several different modes of play, and a high degree of adult comedy.

You can fight the other players and the board to save the world from the oncoming winter, or join together in co-operative stories of bravery and comradery uncovering devious conspiracies.

Fight off strange beings from outside the nine realms, other adventurers, bandits, and creatures from the tales of old in this new game from Tombs Foundry.


Norsepunk is a science fiction/fantasy genre where the old Nordic culture and folklore is front and center when it comes to the aesthetic themes.

Central themes as fate and freedom from the whims of the gods are often brought up in these stories, and the conflict between honor and what is right will drive the characters of such tales.

As was common in many of the old Nordic tales, comedy can be a way to create a more satirical story.

There are many ways to write a norsepunk story but these things are what we see as the most important features.


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