We’re live!

We’re live!

Welcome to our new site. Until now, we’ve had more of a beta/placeholder site, with a minimum of information (“Coming soon” with a hint of our game Heroes of the Sealening (click that link for more information, by the way), and just information about who we are) and not much else.

Now, we have the tools in place to give you all more insight in what we do.

So far, we only have information about the Tombs Foundry company and the Heroes of the Sealening game on this site. But we have several more games in the works, so expect more to come!


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Social media

Feel free to check us out on social media for more content and up-to-date information. Links are in the top right of this page (and every page, for that matter).


Despite the cookie notification bar at the bottom of the page, for the most part cookies are actually not used. In this iteration, we only use functional cookies, and in general, cookies should not be used unless you login to the site (only administrators may login at this time). See our privacy policy for more information.

Not working?

If you find something not working, we would appreciate it immensly if you could get in touch with us. (Send us a message on Facebook and drop us a few lines about it!)

That should be all for now, see you all shortly!


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