We finally let our development ogres out of their cave!

We finally let our development ogres out of their cave!

When the Plague hit, we locked our Development Ogres up in their Development Cave. There’s something about dark, humid, fungus ridden lairs that gets their creative juices flowing. Now, after having made huge progress (we’ll never publicly admit to it being their work), we finally let them out, so they can take a stab at becoming Business Goblins.
– Gods help us all!

Like we said earlier, we decided to go into development when Covid struck and turned the world upside down. We have been spending the last months implementing some of the changes you guys suggested in our focus-group tests for Heroes of the Sealening. Now we believe we have gotten an even better game out of it. We have radically changed the flow of the game. In doing so, we have reduced the waiting time between turns significantly. All while keeping the unique vibe that you already know. Furthermore, the new iteration has a better balance between the player stats, offering more possible strategies. We are dying to show you guys!

We have also been doing a lot of strategic work, planning, and preparations for our upcoming campaigns to get our games to market. So stay tuned, there are more exciting news to come!

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