Big Evil:101 updates

Big Evil:101 updates

Evil:101 published!

It has been a long journey, but we here at Tombs Foundry can now declare that we have published a game.

Though not exactly what we had envisioned, Evil:101 is now out on Tabletopia as a digital tabletop board game for everyone to play. We have decided to release the game for free on their platform to let people be able to experience it for themselves. All you have to do to play, is to open a browser, make a free account on to set up a session, and your friends.

Try it out at:


While working on the final illustrations of Evil:101, we also started streaming some of our graphical design work on Twitch. There we have been showing off Gard’s skills behind a tablet, while also talking to the fantastic people who have showed up for these streams. We are hoping to keep these streams going every other Thursday at 6pm CEST.

Join us on Twitch:

If you want to catch up on our earlier streams, check them out on our YouTube channel:

Moving forward

As mentioned earlier, Evil:101 is now out in a digital version on Tabletopia. However, we would love to make the step into actually having our game out in a physical form as well. That is why we are now working towards starting up a Kickstarter once more. We are early in the works here, but more information will come soon. Keep a tab on this space, or join our newsletter or Discord for more information as it comes out.


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