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Evil:101 is a card game for 2-6 people between the ages 13-Infinity. It is a fast-paced warm up game for those game nights when one or two players are running a bit late.

The theme is based around the old spy thriller genre with a sprinkle of our own brand of humour.

Victory is based on how much Evil you can spread throughout the world, with points being given based on how well the plan fit with the target for your evil deeds.


Your mission...

Have you ever thought for yourself; “If only the world was mine?”

The kingpin has fallen, and you and the other criminal masterminds are scrambling to take their place.

You want that power. You have many nefarious plans to set in motion to that end, and many targets to sabotage or just plain rob. Watching the world go BOOM in ever so small increments while beating some D.I.C.s is a nice bonus.

But you are only one of many maniacal masters of mystery out to outdo each other. Each of you will try to bluff and sneak your way to the very pinnacle of power, using every dirty trick you can muster.

Only one thing is for certain: The good guys are not gonna win this one.


Who’s gonna be the next Evil Overlord?

Want to try the game in a more physical sense? Click the buttons below to download a PDF with a demo version of the game, for you to print yourself!

Step-by-step explanation on how to play the game.

Check out this video from Meeple University, who goes into more detail about how to play the game:


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