What are you talking about?

OfficeHell is a card game where worker drones in a corporate cubicle hell try their best to be as unproductive as possible, so long as the Assistant Manager doesn’t find out!

Play against your friends, taking turns feeling the absolute power of being the assistant manager and getting them fired. While as the workers, trying to bluff your way through the work week keeping your dignity and your job.

For three to eight players, OfficeHell is a fast and fun game to play while skipping work in the pub, or to discuss by the water cooler. Just make sure the management does not catch you…

Are you a good drone?

You are an invisible cog in a machinery you are pretty sure runs digitally anyway. Stuck in a hellish cubicle-based office environment, where you can constantly hear the whistling of boogers from the nose of the guy in the next cubicle.

Instead of letting the soul-crushing work and power mad assistant managers get you down, you try to get through the days doing as little work as possible without being discovered and kicked to the curb.

After all, you still need to pay rent and all that other stuff that makes life worth living for a material girl.


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