Counting down to the end.

How did it come to this??
As we speak, our Kickstarter is at 132% funded with
4 days to go!
The Double Agent tier I talked about in the last newsletter are all gone, but lots of fun remain.
So if you haven't already, head on over to the Kickstarter for Evil:101 and pledge for your own copy.
If you can't wait to have the game in your hands,
we did a thing and have made a demo version of the game:
Click on the buttons above to download a PDF of either A4 or US Letter format, print (one-sided) on your printer, grab a pair of scissors and start playing!
The demo version is a somewhat reduced version of the game, and you have to make your own card backs and point trackers, but is still fully playable.
As before, you can try out the game for free online and in your browser, on Tabletopia.
If you do this, or back the game, please come over to our Discord or other social media and tell us about your experience.
Until next time, stay Evil!
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