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Welcome to my lair, my sweet little dice mongers!
We have some fantabulous news for you today. As you probably have heard we have been streaming or drawing sessions with Gard over on Twitch.
At the moment he is finishing the last details on what will be the cover of the rules pamphlet of Evil:101, and we hope that you will be able to join us then on Thursday the 2nd this week at 6 pm CEST.
tegning med gard-part three
Gard is still hanging in there. Somewhat.
You can find VoDs of the previous sessions on our Youtube channel.
There are also other big news for Evil:101.
The basic version of the game is finished!
Hopefully when you read this you can just press on this link *here* and you and your friends will be able to try it out together at Tabletopia for free.
If you do this, please come over to our Discord or other social media and tell us about your experience.
We have gotten a few questions about Heroes of the Sealening and if it has been cancelled.
Well fear not, we are here to tell you that it definitely has not been cancelled.
The thing is, we have been working on Evil:101 pretty much all the time recently, so there has not been much time to do anything about Heroes of the Sealening.
Now that will hopefully be changing. Heroes of the Sealening is our first baby, and we will make sure that it will be released, and that you will be able to play it.
There are many ideas that we are looking forward to implement into this game, and hopefully we will have more news about that soon.
Until next time, enjoy the summer and roll some dice.
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