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Hello from my undisclosed volcano lair.
It is now July, and even though the heat is pounding down we can not be stopped.
In fact, we have gotten so far that we are working towards out first ever Kickstarter campaign.

I know right; pretty cool!

The game we talked about in our last newsletter and that will be Kickstarted, is called Evil:101, and is a social card game made for those game nights where one or two players are running a bit late:
Evil 101 - Coming soon to Kickstarter!
If you have been following us on Facebook, you would have been following our progress making it week by week.
If you wish to join us for playtesting Evil:101, and the other games we will be releasing in the future, join us on our Discord server, and ping an admin (Tombs Foundry) to be added as a playtester!

You can find the server at:
(Discord FAQ: How do I join a server?)

More tests will be coming, and we hope that we can launch the game soon.
Check our Facebook or Instagram accounts for the most up-to-date news.
Still cooler in the volcano,
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