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Hello there.
Once again it is time to let the people hear about our great progress throughout the month from our ivory towers on top of the great mountains of the moon. Yes, I do know that sound doesn’t travel through vacuum.
We have been working hard on our card game that still does not have a name. Our graphical runecarver has been working non stop creating the illustrious illustrations for it, and he is almost done. Soon we will feed him when the last few images has been done, and he might even be allowed five minutes in the sunlight.

The first playtest has also been completed with great success. The playtesters had fun with the game, and gave us some good feedback while playing. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough people signing up for us to have as much testing as we wanted, but the tests that did go through were super productive.

We are using Discord for our playtesting now in these troubling times, so join our server and contact an admin to be part of the fun! -Or just join anyway to hang out...
(Discord FAQ: How do I join a server?)

You can also subscribe to the special Playtester newsletter, where alerts about upcoming tests will be published first. Just go to the Manage your subscription page, and add the playtester newsletter to your subscriptions.

More tests will be coming, and we hope that we can launch the game soon.
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Happy Pride month from
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