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Hello fellow nerds, and happy New Year.
In this newsletter we are going to talk about what we have been doing these last two months and the progress of Heroes of the Sealening.

At the same time, there may be another opportunity for you guys to test one of our upcoming games. Things are moving fast here and there is no knowing where things are going to go.
First thing first. We have been traveling around Møre og Romsdal visiting you, the players, at your local clubs, where you have vigorously tested Heroes of the Sealening, and the feedback you have given us could not be any more helpful. The clubs we visited on this trip around the county was Ålesund Spillklubb, Ulstein Brettspelsklubb, Rauma Minicon and Kristiansund Spillklubb. You all gave us a warmer welcome than we ever anticipated, and it has been a wonderful experience meeting all of you.

On the development side we have been working on all the feedback you guys have given us. At the moment we are trying to streamline the game further, cutting down on the downtime between players, as well as a simplification of the encounter ruleset. In Kristiansund you have even tried out some of these changes, and the feedback has been almost unanimously positive. We believe that these changes to the game will make the learning curve of the game a lot less steep, while adding a deeper strategic layer on the game board.

Now that the new year has started, we are also planning what our next steps are. We hope to be able to visit many more clubs and cons both in Norway, and in the world abroad. But most importantly how we are going to get Heroes of the Sealening available for you guys.
As you guys also probably know, our website has finally gone live!

On the site you can follow our games as their production is announced. Other big news will also be posted there as the convention season comes up. You will also be able to see various consept art, and probably more, as we keep developing.

Check it out at TODAY!
We save the big news for last though. We have a new game that is now ready for testing by you guys. It is a card game that we have been working on for the last year, and is about a topic that is close to all of us. Work.

We are not sure where we are going to test it yet, but hopefully you will all be able to play it with us.

More information about it will be added to our website soon, so stay tuned!
See you at the game table!
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